The roles and responsibilities are defined in the Audit Act 2008 (refer to section “Auditor-General’s Role”). The Auditor-General is the administrative head of the Tasmanian Audit Office.

The Auditor-General forms part of the accountability mechanism whereby Parliament holds the Government accountable for fulfilling its responsibilities. The Audit Office assists the Auditor-General in fulfilling this role.

Rod Whitehead is the current Auditor-General.

Deputy Auditor-General

The role of the Deputy Auditor-General is to provide policy advice to the Auditor-General on auditing and accounting issues and acts as the Auditor-General in his/her absence. The position of Deputy Auditor-General encompasses the role of Chief Operating Officer whereby it has responsibility for the operations of the Tasmanian Audit Office. The Financial Audit and Corporate Support Services units report directly to the Deputy Auditor-General.

Ric De Santi is the current Deputy Auditor-General.


The Audit Office has four divisions to provide its services:


Organisational Chart

TAO Organisational Chart as at December 2017