PAS Team

Performance and Compliance Audits in Progress

TasWater: benefits of formation

The objective of the audit will be to assess the extent to which the benefits, as envisaged by the government in the 2008 and 2013 water and sewerage reforms, have been achieved.
APM – TasWater: benefits of formation

Gambling revenue and harm minimisation

The audit’s objective will be to express an opinion on:

  • managing the collection of gambling revenue
  • the effective management of the CSL
  • the effectiveness and enforcement of regulatory harm minimisation measures.

APM – Gambling revenue and harm minimisation

Tasmanian Prisons

The objective of the audit is to form an opinion on the effectiveness and efficiency of Tasmanian Prison Services’s financial management of its custodial facilities.
APM – Tasmanian Prisons

SES Recruitment

This audit will assess practices followed in recruiting senior executives and Bands 9 and 10 and Professional Band 6 employees.
APM – SES Recruitment


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