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Performance and Compliance Audits in Progress


Strategic procurement in local government

Burnie City Council, City of Hobart, City of Launceston, Tasman Council, Waratah-Wynyard Council and West Tamar Council

A strategic approach to procurement supports councils to achieve strategic goals and objectives. It involves councils exploring how they can use procurement activities to derive value for the council, the supplier and the community. The definition of value will be multiple components and vary across councils.

The audit will assess whether councils have:

  • identified strategies to achieve value through procurement
  • effectively embedded strategies to achieve value in their procurement processes
  • effectively monitored value derived from procurement.

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Follow up of selected Auditor-General reports

The objective of this follow up audit is to express an opinion on the degree to which entities have implemented recommendations made in selected reports. It will also assess whether implementing the recommendations improved performance or compliance.

This follow up audit will examine the implementation of recommendations made in four reports tabled between November 2016 and October 2018:

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Review of digital projects and initiatives

Information on the status and outcomes of public sector digital initiatives is often difficult to obtain. This lack of transparency means that it is difficult to determine whether digital investments have enhanced Government services or addressed the problems they were meant to resolve, and whether public resources have been spent in an efficient and effective manner.

This audit is in the planning phase.


Please see the Office’s Annual Plan of Work for 2022-23 for other future audits here.


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