Current Audits

Performance and Compliance Audits in Progress


Student attendance and engagement: Years 7 to 10

The objective of this audit will be to express an opinion on the effectiveness of the management of student attendance and engagement in Years 7 to 10.

APM – Student attendance and engagement: Years 7 to 10


Tasmanian Prisons

The objective of the audit is to form an opinion on the effectiveness and efficiency of Tasmanian Prison Services’s financial management of its custodial facilities.

APM – Tasmanian Prisons


Follow up audit

This follow up audit examines the implementation of recommendations made in four reports tabled between March and May 2015:

  1. Report of Auditor‐General No. 8 of 2014–15 Security of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure.
  2. Report of the Auditor‐General No.9 of 2014–15 Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery: compliance with the National Standards for Australian Museums
    and Galleries.
  3. Report of the Auditor‐General No. 10 of 2014–15 Number of public primary schools.
  4. Report of Auditor‐General No. 11 of 2014–15 Road management in local government.

APM – Follow up


Emergency department audit

The objective of the audit is to assess the performance of EDs in Tasmania’s four major hospitals and to express an express an opinion on whether the EDs and performing efficiently and effectively.

APM – Emergency department audit


Grant administration by the Department of State Growth

The examination objective is to determine whether the Department of State Growth effectively and efficiently administers grants.

Plan for the Examination of State Growth


Other audits can also be entered into by arrangement.


If you have any information that you believe could be useful to us, please write to us at:

Tasmanian Audit Office GPO Box 851 Hobart TAS 7001