Current Audits

Performance and Compliance Audits in Progress


Review of digital projects and initiatives

Information on the status and outcomes of public sector digital initiatives is often difficult to obtain. This lack of transparency means that it is difficult to determine whether digital investments have enhanced Government services or addressed the problems they were meant to resolve, and whether public resources have been spent in an efficient and effective manner.

This audit is underway.


Oral Health Services

The objective of this audit will be to express an opinion on whether access to public oral health services, including early intervention and prevention, is efficient and effective.

The audit will assess whether Oral Health Services Tasmania has arrangements in place that efficiently and effectively facilitate access to public oral health services. The focus on access is broader than waiting for treatment, it also includes community education on good oral health and access to preventative care.

This audit is underway.


Department of Treasury & Finance management of office accommodation

The objective of the review is to express an opinion on whether the Department of Treasury and Finance is efficiently, effectively, and economically managing the state sector’s major office accommodation. The audit will examine whether Treasury is strategically managing state service office accommodation needs, and whether Treasury established processes to manage office accommodation leases.

This audit is underway.


Private works undertaken by councils

The objective of the review is to form a limited assurance conclusion on the effectiveness of councils’ management of private works. The review will examine whether a council’s private works processes are transparent and consistent, and whether private works charges are accurate and comprehensive.

This audit is underway.


Please see the Office’s Annual Plan of Work for 2023-24 for other future audits here.


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