Section 44 Review of the Office

Periodic review of the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of the Tasmanian Audit Office

Section 44 of the Audit Act 2008 requires the Tasmanian Audit Office to be subject to a review of the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of its operations at least once in every five years.

The Office’s independent auditor may be engaged, or the Treasurer is to appoint a registered company auditor within the meaning of the Corporations Act 2001, to conduct the review.

The findings of the review are submitted to the Public Accounts Committee and include submissions or comments on the findings made by the Auditor-General. It has also been our practice to make the report publicly available on our website.

This report forms an important part of how the Tasmanian Audit Office is held to account.

This accountability is supplemented by internal and external audit processes, the Risk and Audit Committee including two independent members, annual reporting, acquittal of the annual plan of works to the Public Accounts Committee, and regular independent surveys of client and Parliamentarians views.

Click below to read the most recent, or past reports of the periodic review of the Tasmanian Audit Office: