Right to Information

We are committed to ensuring our administrative information is available to the public. The Right to Information Act 2009 (RTI) gives the public, the media and members of Parliament the right to access information we hold, unless the information is exempt from release.

Under section 6 of the RTI the Auditor-General is exempt from providing any requested information unless it relates to our administration. Information relating to financial and performance audits conducted and reports to Parliament are regarded as exempt being classified as internal working information, as is information compiled in making preliminary assessments following receipt of referrals.

The Auditor-General is also required to comply with section 46 of the Audit Act the practical effect of which is to forbid him and any person employed in his Office or contracted by him from disclosing any confidential matter that comes to his or their knowledge in the course of employment or duties under either the Audit Act or another Act. Because of this, the provision displaces any other duty or obligation to disclose information which might otherwise arise and only permits the disclosure of such information if that disclosure is required in connection with the administration of the Audit Act or in connection with the administration of that other Act.

To find out more about the legislative framework that supports the release of information use the link below:

About the Right to Information Act



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Right to Information
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