The staff of the Tasmanian Audit Office and myself are acutely aware that in providing auditing services to the Parliament and State entities we will be judged by our own standards and compared to those who came before us.

The Office assists the Auditor-General to provide an independent view of the financial and operational performance of State entities. Our mandate has been broadened and strengthened as a result of our new enabling legislation, the Audit Act 2008.

The Office’s vision of “Strive/Lead/Excel/To Make a Difference” guides us as we fulfil our mandate. By striving to make a difference by producing quality reports and services that enable the reader to understand the recommendations and findings made therein so they can be implemented to improve service delivery by the State entities. To make a difference by leading by example in that we practice what we say and excelling at what we do, so that our recommendations are relevant, timely and accepted and, therefore, “make a difference”.

The new Audit Act supports our purpose statement “To provide independent assurance to the Parliament and community on the performance and accountability of the Tasmanian Public Sector”.

Since the appointment of the first Colonial Auditor in 1826, the role of the Auditor-General has been to provide impartial and independent scrutiny of government practices. This tradition is still relevant today as it was in 1826, and since then the role of the Auditor-General has been strengthened and clarified by successive legislation. The history of the Office has been well documented in several publications.

An organisation, like the Audit Office, is dependent upon its structure, staff and processes to deliver quality services. The Office employs people with professional qualifications and skills who have access to sophisticated technology using contemporary practices to deliver value and service to our auditing clients.

This web site has been developed in line with our strategy to provide information to all interested persons, be they citizens, Parliamentarians or employees of the organisations we audit. We are committed to continuous improvement and welcome feedback. So, if you have any comments on our organisation, reports or the way we do business please contact us by telephone, fax, e-mail or in person. You can also use our on-line feedback form.

Rod Whitehead