Private works undertaken by councils

About this report or communique

Report of the Auditor-General No. 3 of 2023-24: Private works undertaken by councils

The objective of the review was to form a limited assurance conclusion on the effectiveness of councils’ management of private works.

The review examined all 29 councils to determine whether their private works processes were transparent and consistent, and whether their charges for private works complied with relevant legislative requirements. The review examined:

  • policies and procedures related to the management of private works
  • documentation related to private works undertaken in 2021-22
  • financial information related to private works undertaken in 2021-22.

The review evaluated the following criteria:

1. Are private works processes transparent and consistent?

  • Have councils established policies and/or practices to manage private works?
  • Are decisions to undertake private works consistent and/or compliant with policies and procedures?
  • Is a dispute resolution process in place?
  • Do councils manage conflicts of interest in relation to private works?

2. Were councils’ private works fees and processes compliant with relevant legislative requirements?

  • Have councils established transparent fees and charges schedules?
  • Have councils complied with the National Competition Policy?