Rostering of specialists in Tasmania’s major hospitals

About this report or communique

Report of the Auditor-General No. 4 of 2019-20

Rostering of specialists in Tasmania’s major hospitals

The objective of the review was to form a limited assurance conclusion on the efficiency and effectiveness of the rostering of specialists in Tasmania’s major hospitals, with a focus on assessing whether the rostering of specialists was controlled and managed in a transparent and fair manner. The review covered transparency of rostering arrangements, fairness of rostering arrangements between specialists in a hospital department or unit and other potential risks, for example, specialist fatigue.

In order to provide an informed insight to the rostering of specialists and manage the scope of the review, the following medical specialties at each of the four major hospitals were selected for review:

  • anaesthetics and surgery
  • general medicine.

The review examined rostering practices in place during the period from August 2018 to the date of this Report.

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