Senior Staff Changes – Tasmanian Audit Office

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Senior Staff Changes

This news alert is to announce recent senior staffing changes within the Tasmanian Audit Office.

Previous Deputy Auditor-General and Chief Operating Officer, Mr Ric De Santi, retired on 2 July 2021. Ric made an invaluable contribution to the Office during his tenure in the Tasmanian State Service.

Former Assistant Auditor-General and leader of the Performance Audit Services business unit, Mr Gary Emery, was appointed as Deputy Auditor-General on 5 July 2021.

Finally, Mr David Bond commenced as an Assistant Auditor-General in the Financial Audit Services business unit on 28 June 2021. David has supported both internal and external audits during his previous position as a Senior Manager with KPMG covering a number of industries including the general government sector, government business enterprises, energy, superannuation, aquaculture, and forestry.